Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending direct emails to consumers with the desired message that will attract them towards the brand and website. It is important to remember that email marketing is the most personal (one-to-one) method of digital marketing; that’s the reason it is highly impactful.

Our designing team is experienced for designing the most decent and unique brochures, the content writing team will provide brief but informative and attractive content, and the digital marketing team knows which set of consumers to target. At EmpowerD, we take email marketing as a medium to ensure that your target consumers get the message in a very direct form, as this also increases the impact of the message.

Email Marketing Services in Ahmedabad

Our process for successful email marketing:

Prepare Email Campaign

We will gather all the impactful, essential, and technical data from you, simultaneously, we will gather the pool of emails.

Segmenting for Email Marketing Campaign

As per the budget and number of emails to be shared, the content and design of brochures and emails will be designed and discussed with you. On the other hand, the demographics and psychographics of the emails will be studied.

Targeting Audience for Email Marketing

As per the service or the message or the designed brochure/matter, the emails will be scheduled. It may be for a particular set of people or all.

Email Marketing Strategy

The emails will be sent with an impactful and knowledgeable subject, matter, and brochures. Mails will be sent to the discussed targeted groups or everyone.

Reporting of Email Marketing Campaign

Based on the feedback and survey, the results of mails and the whole process of emails will be shared with you. Customer feedback for the matter, their interest in the shared information, number of enquiries, and more. Protection Status