Paid Marketing

What is Paid Marketing?

Paid Marketing, as the name suggests, is the option of paid ads in social media, Google, or other websites. Some websites even charge to upload guest blogs or any of your content. Some paid marketing methods demand a bit higher investments than others.

So at EmpowerD, we plan and execute your investment and marketing strategy in a specialized, experienced, effective, and efficient way. It is essential to have a well-planned strategy. Our marketing experts are well trained and highly skilled in delivering you the best-paid marketing options within your budget and with maximum results.

What is Paid Marketing

What we Include in Paid Marketing?

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertisements is the option where you can get maximum exposure. These are also called PPC Ads. These Ads need keyword analysis, professional Ad copies, require technical knowledge, and conversion tracking.

Our expert and experienced marketing professionals know the right keywords, websites, strategies, and plans for every business niche. At EmpowerD, we believe in executing the plans effectively and efficiently. PPC management is a critical part of paid marketing, so we promise you to do it in the best way possible so you can receive vast exposure, good conversion, and organic leads

Pay Per Click Service Provider
Audit and Analysis

We will be consistently auditing the keywords and analyzing their data. This ensures an efficient and vast exposure as it also takes care of the budget, niche, and competitors.


This step is to always meet the changing trends and ensure you the best results every time. PPC is a continuous process, so all the components are variable to the changing trends and time.


We will meet the desired requirements within the budget, and share the report of delivery as per our promises, that will include traffic on the website, organic leads, and the effect of the increased brand power on sales.


Social media advertising

Social media advertising is among the most discussed terms in digital marketing today. It has various mediums in the form of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Other than consumer goods, social media is becoming a hub for business goods as well. Creating a good profile is the primary step of social media marketing, but making it reach to potential consumers is the part where paid-ads come in.

Apart from exposure, it also directs users to take action in the form of Buy, Read More, Learn More, Visit Website, and Pre-Order. At EmpowerD, we have specialized digital marketers who are experts in paid social media paid campaigns for various services like Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and more. Our marketing professionals guarantee you the best results in all the mediums of social media.

Elements of Social Media Advertising

Post caption


It should be short and crisp, yet informative. We design the captions in a way that they express even the complex technical information to consumers in an impactful way.

Photo/Video Optimization for Paid Marketing


These are the basic elements of social media, and as time passes, the need of having top notch photos and videos increases. We have an in house designing team to provide you with attractive photos and videos.

Hashtags Optimization for Social Media Advertising


They vary among trends, product use, and more. Being in touch with hashtags is the most direct positive element of having an increased exposure.

Find Influencers for Social Media


We can assist you in getting deals with the right influencers for your brand. From recommendations to negotiations, we can assist you with everything.

Define Target Audience for Social Media Advertising

Target Audience

While creating an Ad, choosing the right target audience is very necessary, even losing one subset of target audience can cost you a considerable amount of potential customers.

Budgeting for Paid Campaigns


While creating an Ad, choosing the right target audience is very necessary, even losing one subset of target audience can cost you a considerable amount of potential customers. Protection Status