How to optimize content for google discover

How To Optimize Content For Google Discover

Lately, many enterprises have experienced a sudden increase in their traffic from mobile users. At first, they thought it was because of the increased smartphone users, but digital marketing experts have found out more. Since 2018, Google has been working on Google Discover, which recently launched as a full-fledged update for Google-Search Apps on mobile. In a short time, it has proved to be an active traffic attracting tool, but many digital marketers don’t know about it. In today’s blog, we will be sharing what Google Discover is and how to optimize your content and website for it.

What Is Google Discover

To experiment and be in terms of the feed feature of social media platforms, Google had launch feeds in Google Search. It resulted in increased user satisfaction and a good amount of clicks and traffic to the pages. The Google app’s feed feature reached 800 million monthly active users; it only suggested users pages based on their previous searches. In 2018, Google launched a rebranded and more long term version of this feature as Google Discover. This new version primarily does recommend content to users as per their search history, along with providing a mix of news and evergreen content with a greater emphasis on visuals, like videos and photography.

Google Discover is aimed to identify ways through which the company’s search engine can improve its overall services and experience. But Google Discover’s design is more visual, customizable, and user-friendly. With updates and rebranding, it is also more focused on having a broader scope of online content. Unlike feed, it does more than recommending the recently published news and other content. Discover pulls in a mix of news and evergreen content, such as photos, videos, recipes, and how-tos.

Along with improvisations on visual and content topics, Discover also allows the user to customize their experience. Every recommendation will be based on a separate mentioned topic. If the user wants to know more, he/she can tap to view the entire page or the content. Also, by tapping on the topic, they see similar content and even follow the issues. They can follow/unfollow these topics. If not interested in a recommendation in the first place, they can scroll to see more suggestions. They can even add certain pages to the collection folder if they would like it to read it later or give it a reread. This altogether provides a more of a social media type, query less, and more visual search engine experience.

What Is In It For Businesses?

Google has mentioned that they are projecting a query less and more visual-based search engine for the future. This might not be the trend yet, but many businesses have reported receiving high traffic from Google Discover. Companies shall always prepare for tomorrow, and understanding and creating a strong foundation for Google Discover today can be considered as among the most effective digital marketing plans for tomorrow!

Google Discover is based on the concept of creating engaging online content that has more visual, personalized, and mobile-optimized elements. The rise of social media platforms can be heavily credited to engaging content, and if search engine platforms also focus on it, then creating a strong foundation is what you shall do now. Google Discover is algorithmically promoting the content that is more visually creative and engaging, and also the current trends show that this is only going to grow more in the future.

Ways To Optimize For Google Discover

Ways To Optimize For Google Discover

Interconnected Connected

With Google Discover, many digital marketing experts feel that Google is hinting towards accepting methods that are more consumer, reader, and viewer-friendly. The users shall enjoy content on the top of everything. Google SEO experts believe that Discover’s algorithm picks more engaging and evergreen content to increase user satisfaction. For this, our digital marketers suggest a simple strategy, know more in-depth about your core business, target consumers, and what they want to know about.

Create articles, blogs, and other pieces of content around that core conclusion only. When these pieces are interlinked, and the user gets engaged with the page, blog, article, and any other content that they have landed, he/she might tend to click on the other links for the content too! This helps in generating organic traffic for your company. The search engine platform accepts many processes of a social media platform, too, so like in social media, a profile has multiple posts, the interlinks give your user the option to read more of your content.

Include and optimize photos whenever possible

Throughout the article, we have given more and more stress on the visual aspects of the content too. Currently, the images and photos have created distinct benefits for them. Google has noticed that many clicks are being developed from the images section of the google search too. So digital marketers suggest having optimized and high-quality photos to your content or website. Text descriptions can also be added to photos for better views. Another aspect is that like headlines and contents, images shall also be able to invoke emotions and click, so they are more optimized for the Discover.

More Videos

Another aspect of visual content is undoubtedly the video part. Google Discover is showing progress with more exciting recommendations for the content that has videos. With images, videos are the growing part of today’s social media and user content consumption. The younger generation tends to be engaged and impacted more with video, as they can pass on the content of the entire blog in more creative, innovative, brief, and shorter duration. Enterprises shall looking forward to developing a mix of evergreen content, can include video posts like demos, tutorials, demos, interviews, or even short videos about what’s happening or projections of the trends or industry.

Variety In Content

Content requirement

Google has mentioned in their product launch and product posts that Google Discover will focus on providing users with a mix of current and evergreen content. This ensures that users have an all-rounded experience where they can catch the latest news and while also gaining access to valuable evergreen information. Based on the engagement, clicks, and other response parameters of your page, blog, and more, Google will also boost your brand’s strength as a content creator by providing it a good rank on Google Discover.

Follow Google guidelines

With the launch of Google Discover, the company has made it clearer that this new platform will only have the content as per their guidelines, policies, and rules. Google news guidelines are among the most reliable guidelines for filtering content for Google Discover. This means publishing original content, having the minimum ads around the content, and writing transparently so a reader can publish dates, mention the use of outside sources, and other credibility-related factors.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Today, as we all know that there’s an increase in smartphone users. Google Discover is specifically to target users who use the search engine platform from their phones and will be interested in a search engine platform with social media like features. So having accelerated mobile pages is the best way to optimize your site for mobile phones. The algorithm of Google Discover is not yet confirmed to favor mobile-optimized sites. Still, sites with this feature are assumed to likely have some advantage as Google Discover will majorly target mobile users.

Dipal Vadgama
Dipal Vadgama

Dipal Vadgama is a Digital Marketing Consultant at EmpowerD, who specializes in organic SEO. Her advanced training and skills in website analysis and digital marketing strategies have always helped our clients in reaching their target audience and generating organic traffic, leads, and conversions. In her free time, she likes to explore the latest updates in google, be proficient with different social media algorithms, and expand her knowledge from various industry leaders.

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