What is Google's Latest Update on Google Currents?

Internet and digitization have made the world more technologically sharp, and consumer expectations have raised like anything. The IT industry is among the most affected by this phenomenon. Consumers want consistent and significant updates on apps and software. Every brand needs to introduce innovations and new features in their services, or else they'll be pushed back in the competition. The IT industry thrives on innovation,...

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How To Increase Revenue Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing, and it can contribute more to your business branding and selling efforts than you can imagine. This field is continuously innovating and developing its services. From widening your reach to ensuring high engagement, digital marketers are well-aware of how to use the digital tools to provide high recall value and brand recognition between the viewers. Currently, when the focus is on...

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How Digital Marketing Can Help You Survive COVID-19?

‘COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, but opened the doors for digital marketing.’ Had somebody ever thought that they would be ending up locked in their home for months? Pandemic has done that to our social life and economy, which nobody could, but few experts thought is beneficial. It made us stop and reflect more on us, our business, our plans, our lifestyles, and more.   In...

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